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Alternative energy sources.

The Joe Cell:

A New South Wales man, only identified by the name of  Joe "X",  has designed a remarkable water Energy Cell that only utilises water for a "fuel" and develops substantially more power than petrol. It was originally designed for use in cars, but it can be used  with almost any engine that normally runs on petrol such as motorcycles, outboard marine engines, lawn mowers, portable electric generators, etc. The Energy Cell alone provides all the power that the engine needs. After an Energy Cell is installed and functioning properly, the petrol fuel lines can be completely disconnected.

An engine that operates on Joe's Energy Cell produces no exhaust by-products and no heat. Without any exhaust by-products, you eliminate the need for pollution control devices. Since the engine runs cold, there is no need for a cooling system per se, however, the water in the water jacket surrounding the cylinders may be playing a pivotal role in allowing this phenomena to take place.

Surprisingly, the Energy Cell does not deplete its water while in operation. The water is acting in the role of a catalyst in the transference of a special form of energy from the surrounding atmosphere into the engine and the water itself is not consumed in the process. (continue reading this article)

Some YouTube videos.
A V8 HQ Holden running on the Joe Cell.
A Japanese van running on the Joe Cell.
A Ford Escort being driven on a Joe Cell.
Ford Laser and a Subaru Brumby running on a Joe Cell.  

There is plenty of information on the internet about the Joe Cell.