Robert O'Brien, Independent Candidate for Wannon.

"Lets make election day Independents Day"


Allansford resident Robert O’Brien has announced his candidacy as an Independent for Wannon in the upcoming Federal election.

Mr O’Brien has previously stood as an independent candidate in the 1998 and 2001 Federal and the 1999 Victorian elections. He has made his decision after attending the Warrnambool Standards Candidate Forum.

“I’ve been thinking hard about whether to stand or not, especially as there are already four Independent candidates.  I listened intently to the candidates and asked a few questions but have decided that there are very important issues not addressed that need to be pushed into the light.

“Money was raised tonight for Peters Project, but no candidate sufficiently addressed the scourge that is cancer. There are many things that contribute to causing cancer, and many of these can be easily eliminated with no need for changes in lifestyle. Health care is important but it also important to prevent illness. Prevention is better than a cure.

“We all know of the dangers of smoking and are told in advertising about the numerous toxic and cancerous chemicals that are added to cigarettes simply to cause addiction, yet no-one has thought to simply ban these chemicals.”

Genetically Modified Corn has recently been approved for human consumption by the FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) with no adequate safety testing.

Monsanto’s Smartstax maize, likely to be imported into Australia for use in a wide range of foods, including baby foods and infant formula, contains six genes to create toxins to kill insects, and two genes to prevent the plants from dying from the effects of herbicides and may prove as toxic to some people and animals as it is to insects.  

“While tests have shown that cancer and sterility in future generations are a possibility with GM foods, no serious safety testing has been done to see what these genes will do in the human body.” said Mr O’Brien. “I’m sure no-one would like to see their future grand-children born sterile because of something they ate.”

He continued “I want to see all Genetically Modified crops and foods banned or at the very least independently tested for safety by an agency with no ties to any GM interests, with costs met by the company seeking approval.

“If they want to sell it here, they can pay for complete long term safety testing. GM foods should not enter Australia unless there is a guarantee that none of the modifications will cause cancer, or other health problems over a long period from consumption in a wide range of foods. This guarantee can only come through thorough independent testing.”

Mr O’Brien also called for safety testing to be completed on many food additives already being used in Australia that have not been tested.

“If ALDI Supermarkets can see that it is good business to remove products containing such additives from their shelves, I think the government can prohibit their use until they have been proven safe for consumption. You want to know why people are getting cancer at increasing rates? Take a look at what we are eating.

“Too many lives are being lost to and affected by cancer.

He also wants to see Kevin Rudds commitment to funding the Centre for Understanding China at Australian National University revoked, stating that “the $53 million would be much better served providing an MRI unit in Warrnambool.”

“It is time for the people of this world, especially those in power, to realise that money is not the be all and end all. People: their health, their well-being and their happiness are more important than the economy. Healthy and happy people will make a healthy economy much more likely.”

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